Tuesday, January 13, 2009


tag from kak anabella
rules n regulation
-do not copy answer
-the tag question must be 100% the same
-tag people after doing tag
3.kak mimie kusya
4.kak myzatulHanim
5.kak GG
6.kak lin
1.how do u know 1?
kwn dari myspace
2.what would u do if u never meet 2?
x pe pon
3.what would u do if 3 n 4 dated u?
ha ha ha so funny
4.would 5 n 6 make a good couple
lesbian ape
5.do u think 7 is attractive?
6.do u know anything about 8's family?
langsung x kenal
7.tell me something about 9?
die cantek
8.what language does 2 speak?
bahase melayu la x kan tamil kot
9.who is 3 going out with?
-pakwe die la
10.how old is number 4?
x tau la
pon x tau
12.who is 6's favourite singer?
-bunkface seyh
x tau
14.is 8 single?
15.what's 9 last name?
no komen.he he he
16.would u consider being in a relationship with 1?
x nak jadi lesbian
17.which school does 2 go to?
18.what do like about 3?
maap kak.sha x buat tag lagi satu yg byk lagu2 2.x tau nak jwb pe.penin kepale nie nak pikir psl lagu.nie je la yg dpt jwb.lagu satu jgn bagi byk tag.dh retak dh nie jari2 nie menaip.

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